Bengal Brown Spotted Tabby



The character of the Bengal makes him a unique cat and very different from other cat breeds.

He is lively, intelligent and very curious. He could do bad things if we don't give him enough time.

He loves the company of other animals and children. But what sets it apart the most from other breeds is that it is much more active than a normal cat.

He is a little nature hunter who loves to play, climb and perch at heights. It is also important to provide him with a large scratching post and / or a scratching wheel.

He is also a little talker who likes to be taken care of and will do anything to get our attention.

Very affectionate, he will come and lie on your legs and follow you around the house.

This little leopard can easily learn tricks like fetching the ball, and he'll be eager to come see you as soon as you call him. The Bengal is truly a little beast apart from the rest that you will become attached to much more than you think!