In order to always improve ourselves as breeders, we have chosen to enroll in a continuous training process.

Here is the list of training courses I have taken:


-Not always such a good time: tips and tricks to optimize breeding in cats, webinar given by Royal Canin

-Management of a cattery in Quebec, training given by the CCC


-From mating to weaning, training given by the CCC


-At the cat show: practical guide for the breeder on infectious diseases, webinar given by Royal Canin


-New kitten owner: the 10 tips that the feline breeder must give, webinar given by Royal Canin

- Food tips and tricks in feline breeding, webinare given by Royal Canin

-Infectious and parasitic diseases, training given by the CCC

-T.Fetus: The 10 things cat breeders need to know in 2017, webinar given by Royal Canin

-Disposts at the Cat: Do's and Don'ts, webinar given by Royal Canin

-10 Truths About Feline Nutrition ... and What They Mean, webinar given by Royal Canin

-Security for Pets, training given by Ambulance St-Jean

-Feline reproduction 2, training given by Dr Angélika Stock

-The genetics of the cat 2, training given by Dr W. Silversides

We are a Breeder Certified Genetic Quality Plus by Anima-Quebec

What is Anima Quebec Quality Certification?

The Anima Quebec Breeding Site Certification Program:

  • Attests the quality of the breeding places which are certified

  • Ensures the well-being of animals kept in these breeding grounds

  • Promotes breeding grounds for their facilities and animal care

  • Empowers future owners to make an informed and ethical choice when acquiring a pet.

What is the "Genetics Plus" distinction?

- The distinction "Genetics Plus" refers to the deep knowledge of the breed and the line produced, in order to aim for a high standard of quality.

- It is a guarantee of animal welfare in the long term by the selection of breeders whose pedigree and ancestry are known.

- A program for the management of hereditary diseases or those likely to be found in the breeding is carefully developed according to the characteristics of the line.


To be eligible for this distinction, the Farm must:

  • Register all breeders and their descendants with a recognized feline association, such as the Chats Canada Cats (CCC) or the TICA (The international Cat Assiciation)

  • Set up for all breeding animals a screening program for hereditary diseases likely to affect the breed and / or a control program for conditions observed in the line in order to prevent their transmission to their descendants

  • Be a member of a recognized feline association

  • Breed a maximum of 3 breeds.

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Source: Anima Quebec


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